How to Move Smoothly with Man and Van London Service

Stress free Man and Van Service

If you are moving a small office or a few household items, it is more affordable to engage a man and van London service. There are some advantages of using the Man and Van London service. It is more flexible, easier to call and pack, and easier to fit into many parking lots. But a smooth move using man and van services is only possible if you know what is to be done and how to do it. There are a few tips on how to make it smooth for everyone around.

Optimal placement

It makes loading the van easier when items are placed for easy loading in a smoother and quicker way. Place the item boxes in a room near the entrance such that it is a short distance to the van. Categorise the items for easy handling.

  • Awkward items include mirrors, chest of drawers, standing lamps, frames etc.
  • Boxed and packed items like suitcases and regularly shaped packing boxes
  • Bags, holdalls and other containing items

Packing the boxes

Items should not be overstuffed in packing boxes. If an item does not fit into a box, it is better to bubble-wrap it separately. Avoid items that are protruding from the box and pose a risk to the person hefting the boxes.

Loading weights

When a cardboard box is overloaded, the bottom will give way when it is overloaded. It is also a risk to the person lifting the box as it can cause back strain and damage. Packing boxes should be loaded such that they can be easily lifted by any person who comes with the man and van London service. Packing boxes that are slightly heavier can be reinforced at the bottom with duct tape.

Irregular shaped items

Some items will not fit into regular packing boxes. You can put these in refuse plastic bags, suitcases or rucksacks. If plastic bags are to be used, the thick type should be used to avoid tearing when lifted,

Self-assembly furniture

Any self-assembly furniture should be dismantled before the van arrives. All pieces should be taped together to avoid jingling and sliding about. All bolts and nuts should be in a bag and labelled such that they are easily identified.


The fridge/freezer should be emptied and cleared at least 48 hours before moving day. Perishable food should be disposed, the fridge cleaned and dried.


It is important to know beforehand the parking arrangements at your destination. Unsure arrangements can lead to timewasting at the destination and higher charges.

How to Collect the Best Seashells in the Summer

What worth is a beach vacation without collecting a few seashells as souvenirs? You can either buy or collect them from the beach yourself. You are on a vacation so you have all the time to collect. But collecting seashells is an art which also relies heavily on luck. Mastering the Sanibel crouch is only the first step to being a great seashells hunter.  Here are a few tips to help you along.

Pick on the best timing

There are specific times that it is more likely to find a beautiful seashell because seashells will be swept up the beach in higher numbers. These times are:

  • Early in the morning
  • After a storm
  • During a strong current
  • In low tide
  • At full or new moon

Many beaches will have a tide chart and a moon calendar that you can check on. There are Facebook groups where this information if gladly shared too.

Shelling tools

You will need a few tools to do your collecting.  You will of course need a bucket or bag to hold the shells.  Do not aim to collect like there is no tomorrow. Carry something that is easily portable. You will also need a small rake for digging up hidden treasures in the sand and among broken shells.

What shells to collect?

There are hundreds of shell species available depending on the beach you are on.  Some of the more popular shells to collect include:

  • Whelks
  • Sand dollars
  • Coquinas
  • Junonas
  • Scallops

Some of these are rare to find, for example, the junona. When you find one, shout it loud and collect well deserved praises and high fives.

Come prepared

The beach can be surprisingly hostile if you are unprepared.  If you are lucky, you can call off your hunt before the sun gets too hot. Otherwise, come prepared for a longer hunt. This will require sunscreen, a hat and goggles. Get some good sandals too.

How to clean the shells

Shells collected fresh from the beach are not that beautiful to look at. Many beach management services encourage collecting only dead shells. Some of these dead shells will have the dead mollusk still in the shell.  The smell from your bag or bucket will not be that good.  This is how to make your shells beautiful and sparkling:

  • Soak the seashells in a 50/50 solution of water and bleach and let them rest in it overnight
  • Scrub with a soft brush then rinse in water
  • Dry the shells in the sun

Carry home your loot and proudly display it for everyone to admire.

Tips on a Harmonious House Share Manchester Experience

House Share Tips in Manchester

Sharing a financial load has always seemed a fine idea, more so expenses like steep rents in Manchester city. A house share Manchester experience can be an exciting and unforgettable time, or one looked back to with a shudder of terror. It all depends on how the house share mates treat each other, establish boundaries, respect and test them. Here are a few tips that you and your fellow housemates can observe for a harmonious experience.

Other people’s stuff

This is one of the most common sources of conflict. Using other people’s stuff without asking is just as good as stealing. Remember that you are sharing a house to reduce expenses which in effect means saving on as much stuff as one can. There are three R’s that serve as good guidelines when it comes to other people’s stuff. Resistance to the temptation to touch other people’s stuff is probably the best rule to live by. Requesting is highly advised. Many people will give gladly. Lastly, if the owner is not around, and you have to use it, replace it as soon as possible.

Conflict resolution tactics

A house share without conflict is as rare as chicken with teeth. Conflicts will occur from time to time over bills, food, pilfering, and obnoxiousness and so on. It is important to know how to handle these conflicts before blood if spilt or teeth lost. If you are aggrieved, step back and look at the situation. Was it a deliberate dig at you? How often has it occurred? Some people will be in the wrong by sheer ignorance. Try to reach a compromise. Yes, he used your toilet paper. Would he be willing to chip in for the next lot? Lastly, look at the pros and cons of having a fight. Will it change anything?

Make a food plan

There is always that guy who is ok with fish and chips for the whole year. But the rest of the housemates will have to contend with different preferences and tastes. Making a food plan makes the House Share Manchester experience more survivable by making sure everyone gets something at the table. It is also a way to taste other culinary offers from different cultures if the housemates are from different parts of the world.

Make a duty rota

House chores are another hot button in a shared house. There is always that guy who will have an excuse that the detergent was missing, or some such lame excuse. It is best to hire a cleaning service and share the costs.


7 Awesome Things to Make with Seashells

If you love these marvels of Mother Nature, it is likely that you have loads of them on display. But there is only so much space in the space where you can display your shells.  Soon enough, you will have to find a creative way of showing them off other than placing them in glass jars and at the coffee table in the corner. Luckily, the versatile beauty of seashells makes it easy to craft and make many awesome items. Put your seashells to work while getting the admiration for their beauty by making these simple items.

Seashell soap dish

Sometimes you will get a large seashell that is also flat and shallow. This is perfect for a soap dish. Place in the bathroom or kitchen hand sink.

Seashell flower centerpiece

Why use a vase when you can arrange your flowers in a clamshell? Take a big clamshell, put in some potting soil and place your flowers, herbs or any plant that will fit well. Add a few cowrie shells on top of the potting soil for a beautiful centerpiece arrangement.

Seashell wreath

If you have a collection of small seashells, you can make a wreath out of them. Take a foam circle and glue the seashells on it to make a wreath just like you would with flowers. Hang the seashell wreath at the door as a welcome.

Seashell light strands

You will need seashells with white reflective insides, or those with a thin skin able to pass light. Drill a hole at the bottom of the seashells and string mini-lights in them. Hang them outside for a coastal evening look just like colorful natural paper lanterns placed upside down.

Seashell scented candles

Use seashells as candle holders. Melt wax in a pan and add a drop of your favorite essential oil for example lavender or spearmint. Pour the melted wax into a seashell and place a slow burning wick to make a scented candle.

Seashell mirror frame

Want to see yourself on the beach every time you look in the mirror? Make this happen by gluing seashells on the mirror’s frame.

Seashells on the Christmas tree

Who said you can’t have a mix of the beach and winter? Take small seashells and use them as ornaments on your Christmas tree. If you can string them with lights like above, your Christmas tree will look awesome.

There are many things you can craft from seashells. Browse Pinterest and Facebook for more inspiring ideas and make your home a piece of the beach fantasy.

When to Use End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

If you are moving houses, you probably need every penny you can spare. Reimbursement of the tenancy deposit will go a long way in way in easing you into the new home. Only end of tenancy cleaning stands in your way to getting the reimbursement. It might be tempting to do the end of cleaning by yourself, but that is usually a mistake. DIY end of tenancy cleaning jobs are usually rejected by landlords because they are usually not up to standard. It is better to look for a service that will charge affordable end of tenancy cleaning prices which assures you of getting the job right the first time.

When moving in a hurry

If you need to move houses in a hurry, you will not have the time to organise and do the end of tenancy cleaning. You are better off using a cleaning service. They can complete cleaning a standard sized house in a few hours. You can get your money quickly and move on.

When short of manpower

Cleaning a house when alone is nearly impossible. The time and labour involved is very extensive. Sometimes it is downright dangerous. If you have to dust and remove cobwebs from the ceiling, it is better to have someone holding onto the ladder. End of tenancy cleaning is a crew’s job. An experienced crew can handle the job more thoroughly. They will have the equipment and cleaning materials to do the job properly. Stubborn stains will be removed, old dulled metallic surfaces will be buffed and kitchen appliances will be left gleaming.

When moving far away

It is nonsensical to do end of tenancy cleaning while still in the house. This means if you need to do the cleaning by yourself, you will have to come back to the house. This is impossible or highly inconveniencing if you are moving to a distant destination. It is far more convenient and easier to have a cleaning crew clean the house. The landlord can inspect the job and send you the tenancy deposit.

On a repeat job

If you did end of tenancy cleaning the first time and the landlord rejected it, doing it by yourself again the second time will be a waste of time and energy. It is better to have a professional cleaning crew on the job.

It is possible to have affordable end of tenancy cleaning prices. It is better and advisable as a professional crew will do a proper job quickly so that you can have your tenancy deposit back faster.

5 Tips to Get Cheap End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

If you are a landlord looking for end of tenancy cleaning prices, you will want affordable services if you are working to prepare several units for occupancy. Having a perfect job done on the units is crucial in attracting potential tenants. You will also fetch better rents if there are several tenants competing for these units. Engaging an end of tenancy cleaning service is the best way to ensuring that you have a proper job done the first time.

How can you get cheap end of tenancy cleaning service prices?

Work on referrals

If you have seen tenants moving into a unit nearby, contact your fellow landlord and ask to see how the job was done. If you like it, ask for contacts of the cleaning service that was on the job. The other alternative is to ask a real estate agent. These are people who regularly prepare housing units for occupancy so a realtor is likely to have several cleaning services to recommend.

There is also social media. There are numerous groups on Facebook and Pinterest talking about cleaning and other household stuff.  You can get tens of recommendations on these sites. Lastly, you can rely on classifieds where there are tens of ads for cleaning services.

Compare price quotes

Asking from several cleaning services can get you a lower price quote than you expected. After getting your referrals ask for price quotes from them.  You can work with 3-5 cleaning services for comparison. When doing the comparisons, look at the whole package including discounts and bonus services rather than the price alone. Some cleaning services might charge a bit high but offer extra services.

Ask for a visual assessment

Many cleaning services doing a price quote over the phone or online will typically give a higher price so that they should err on the right side of the price.  You could invite a sales agent to do a visual assessment before doing a price quote.

Clean out the heavy debris

You will get a high quote if the sales agent coming to the site gets the house looking like a disaster scene. You can get out some of the debris or rearrange it to make the cleaning job look less daunting.

Negotiate hard

Cleaning services are in stiff competition with each other. Negotiate hard and you will get one that is willing to do the job for a fair price.

Doing proper end of tenancy cleaning has more benefits than it will cost you to engage a good cleaning service. Your units will have higher occupancy rates fetching you better rental income than before.

How to Clean and Add Sparkle to Seashells

Picking up a few seashells as souvenirs is a must-do when on a beach vacation. It would be tempting to think that you will put them on display right away. This would hit you with a big stink. You will have to clean them up. If it is a live seashell, which is one with the mollusk still inside, you will have to get the animal tissue out. Remember that collecting live seashells is damaging to sea life.  However, if the kids mistakenly pick one up, here is how to clean it up.


Place the shells in a pan and cover with water. Let the water boil for a few minutes.  You can wait for the water to cool down or handle the hot shells using a towel. Pull out the animal tissue using a pair of tongs.


You can allow nature to take course by burying the shells to allow for the animal tissue inside rotting out. The shell will be cleaned by bacteria and larvae. Remember to bury the seashells such that they cannot be easily uncovered by cats and dogs.


Place the live shells in a polybag or zip lock and put them in a freezer.  Take out the shells after a day or two and allow thawing just like you would fish. Pull the animal tissue out gently.

After cleaning out the animal tissue, you can use a bleach solution to clean away the leathery stuff that will be left on the shell. It is called periostracum. Use a 50/50 solution of water and bleach, and let the shells rest in this solution until the periostracum is gone.

Cleaning the dead shells

If you pick up dead shells half of your work has already been done by nature. You only need to clean up barnacles and any other matter in the shell using slightly coarse or sharp objects. Some tools to use include a toothbrush, wire brush, and a dental pick.

If you collect sand dollars, first dry them. After drying up, place them in a bleach solution but do not let them sit in it for a long time as they could become brittle.  An alternative is setting them outside so that they dry and whiten naturally.

Adding a sparkle

You can put a bit of a sparkle on your seashells by applying a slight coat of baby or mineral oil. If you would like to restore color to a shell, use a solution of muriatic acid mixed 1 part water and seven parts muriatic acid.

7 Interesting Facts About Seashells You Should Know

Seashells are some of the most fascinating objects on earth. They come in a dazzling array of colors, sizes and shapes. A trip tour to the beach is not complete without a few seashell souvenirs. They are made by soft bodied animals called mollusks. The seashell acts as protective shield for the mollusk. The old folk tale is that you can hear the sound of the waves of the sea by listening to a seashell. What other secrets do these beautiful objects hide?

Opening to the right

Look up a seashell and look at the side to which it opens. Nine out of ten seashells will open to the right. These are made by mollusks known as dextral sided. The left opening shells are made by sinistral mollusks. Left opening seashells are so rare and fetch good prices that some crooks make fakes!

A mollusk can only have one

A seashell continuously grows on a mollusk from birth to death. The shell expands as the mollusk grows so the pointy tip represents the original shell of the mollusk. As such it can only develop one. The seashell is made when the mollusk secretes calcium bicarbonate minerals that mix with proteins to make a ceramic like substance. Scientists are able to date the age of a seashell using a method known as carbon dating. The oldest hermit crab seashell was found in England and is estimated to be over 130 million years ago which is called the Lower Cretaceous age.

The patterns are deliberate

To your eye, the patterns on a seashell look random. However, this is not the case. The colors and patterns are careful markers that help mollusks determine the way the shell grows.  These colors and patterns have been perfected by natural selection over millions of years to enable a mollusk know how to best place its mantles to grow a strong healthy shell.

The shape is thoughtfully crafted

The shape of a seashell is carefully constructed according to the level of threats that the mollusk faces. Those mollusks that are in less dangerous environments will have smoother shells. Those that live in dangerous environments will have spiky and ridged shells to make it unattractive for a predator to try swallowing them.  Mollusks will make a rougher seashell instead of a heavier one to offer better protection while remaining light to carry around.

Argonaut shells are unique

Argonauts are the only octopuses that have legs. They are born without a shell and start to make one when very tiny. They use their arms to make and repair their shells. This makes their shells unique. No two are alike.